28 October, 2008

X-Ray system in Pediatric practice

Photo)  X-Ray system in my Clinic---made by SHIMADZU              
             corporation. Her right hand hold the protector for
             preventing the radiation to reproductive systems 
             of child.

X-Ray system 
Is it necessary to have a X-Ray apparatus in Pediatric Primary 
Care Clinic ?    If doctor is well trained and good experiences, 
the answer is NO.

It is difficult to take good X-Rays in child. For instance, Chest
X-Ray is shot at deep inspiration phase. But child can not hold 
the respiration.  So by chance. 

The point to take a good X-Ray is the fixation of child's body 
by mother or father and a staff.  At least two persons are
needed to fix an infant.

In 1895, Wilhelm Röntgen discovered X-Ray. Then one year 
later, Umejiro Shimadzu assumed the name of his father, 
Genzo Shimadzu, the founder of SHIMAZU Co.and in 
cooperation with his younger brother, succeeded taking 
roentgenograms for the first time in Japan. 

Any questions:  write to Keiji Hagiwara, MD