12 October, 2008

Vanderbilt University

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1) downtown in Nashville from the hotel, September 1995.
2) in the front of Vanderbilt Medical Center. September 1995.
Right: me , left : Dr. Ouchi
3) joined a party in Vanderbilt University Campus to eat a lunch.
4) Vanderbilt Stadium: watched a American Football game between
Vanderbilt Univ. team and ?? Univ. team.
5) the playing site for children in a shopping center at suburbs in Nashville.

We stayed 5 nights in San Francisco and moved to Vanderbilt University,
Nashville, where a colleague of my University studied there for the research
on Helicobacter Pylori.

I walked around the Hospital, Faculty of Medicine and Laboratory, and also
the University campus at random direction. It's good place for study I think.
Nashville is not noisy city, also gave me a good impression.