23 October, 2008

Nebulizer for Asthma attack: Old and New

Photo 1)  Ultrasonic Nebulizer 
                  Omron→ http://www.omron.com/
Photo. 2) Air compressor Nebulizer.   
         this one is made from Plastic, 
         not glass(frequently broken)

Nebulizer for Bronchial Asthma attack
Nebulizer solutions;

    (a)procaterol HCl(broncho-dilator)
        Intal® (cromoglicate Na)
   (b)procaterol HCl
         Bisolvon®(bromhexine HCl)
 # Do not mixture of Bisolvon ®and Intal® which form
     precipitates !

Any questions:  write to Keiji Hagiwara, MD