12 October, 2008

Health Center at Brooklyn, SUNY

1)Helicopter sightseeing: Queensborough Bridge. September 1995.

2) Health Science Center at Brooklyn, State University of
New York. September, 1995.

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3)Health Science Center at Brooklyn. SUNY.

4) Helicopter sightseeing over Queensboroug Bridge.
5) United Nations Building. We used Island helicopter service,
Heli-port was located near United Nations. I forgot the fee
of 90 $ ?

then, We visited the Department of Pediatrics, Children's Medical

Dr. Margaret Hammerschlag is a chief of department, a specialist
in Chlamydia pneumoniae infection in children, and the author of
the chapter " Chlamydia pneumoniae infection" in the textbook of
Pediatric Infectious Disease.

Her laboratory is to be said that the rate of Chlamydia pneumoniae's
isolation from patients is the best in the world. A Pediatrician from
the Kurume University school of Medicine was studied there.
We stayed 3 days in New York.