18 October, 2008

WBC count: past & present

                   ACE Counter FLC-240A(11 year old), HORIBA. Ltd.
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             You can measure to Leukocyte, Red blood cell, Hb
             Ht ; Platelet. using whole blood of 20 micro-litter.

Photo. 2) Neubauer Hemacytometer Photo.3) prick device, disposable plastic pipette 
                   and glass pipette
Leukocyte count
We, pediatricians frequently have been order to measure White
Blood Cells(leukocyte) and its differential, as described in the
clinical records of first human trial on penicillin.

At present, the counting of white blood cell is very easy to do
, less than 5 minutes.  Doctors need no technician.

In the past, the enumeration of leukocyte was counting manually
using Hemacytometer under light microscope.

Manual determination of White Blood Cells :
1) a few micro-litter of whole blood were filled to the pipette.
2) diluted with stain solution, and squeeze gently several times.
3) charge Neubauer Hemacytometer with stained blood.
4) using 100x magnification, count leukocytes in the 4 corner
     squares( total: 16 corners), of the counting camber.
5) multiply number of leukocytes counted by 50 = Total WBC
     count. if 210 leukocytes are counted, total count is 210x50=
     10,500/cu mm.

Any questions:  write to Keiji Hagiwara, MD