28 October, 2008

A case of pneumonia in infant

Figure 1) Body temperatures recorded by parent.
Photo 2) Chest X-Ray; 2-year-old. (53 kV, 250mA, 20ms, 150cm)

a case of pneumonia
2 year old, female

26th July. first visit:
|||||||||||||||||| Fever started at morning.
|||||||||||||||||| pm3:00 came to Clinic. No sighs. prescribed antibiotics
|||||||||||||||||| and antipyretic.
28th . 2nd visit:
||||||||||||||||| fever(-) and cough appeared.
||||||||||||||||| No special findings/prescribed cefatrizine and anti-cough
||||||||||||||||| medicines.
30th .third visit:
|||||||||||||||| high fever(+) and become worse coughing at night
|||||||||||||||| and early morning.
|||||||||||||||| Throat & tonsil: not reddish.
|||||||||||||||| Respiratory sounds diminished at right upper lung.
|||||||||||||||| X-Ray showed the consolidation of right upper lung.
|||||||||||||||| WBC 6,600/mm3, C-reactive protein (+)
||||||||||||||| Rapid test for Respiratory syncytial virus : I forgot !

------------ referred to Yamaguchi University Hospital.

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