09 October, 2008

Auscultation using pinwheel

Photo: Auscultation using windmill(pinwheel) toy

Auscultation technique in Pediatric practice

To hear the breath sound of lung, doctor often say to the patient
----- please deep breathing

But in child, It is difficult to deep breathing .   Using the windmill 
(pinwheel) toy (Kaza-gukuruma in Japanese) it is easy to perform 
this.  You may easy to hearing the wheezes, moist rale, crackes(
crackling sound) or crepitation sound in lung.

From autumn to winter, the infant and toddler often suffer from 
light or moderate type of wheezing (Asthmatic) bronchitis. 
Using windmill toe, you never miss.

Any question: write to Keiji Hagiwara, M.D.
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