25 May, 2010

Hepatitis A vaccine

Hepatitis A virus is transmitted by the fecal-oral route (An object contaminated with
the stool of a person with hepatitis A is put into another person's mouth.)

I recommend the persons who travel or live in the countries of Central America,
South America, Mexico, Asia (except for Japan), Africa, and Eastern Europe.

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Hepatitis A vaccine:  
----------------1) inactivated Hepatitis A virus, which are cultured the cells , 
------------------ derived from the kidney cells of African green monkey. 
------------------ manufactured by Kaketsuken.1-6-1 Okubo, Kumamoto-shi, 
------------------ Kumamoto 860-8568, Japan.
----------------2) more than 16 year old.
3 times(0, 2~4 weeks and 6-month)0.5ml subcutaneously or 

Tetanus vaccine

Tetanus (lockjaw) is a serious disease that causes painful tightening of the muscles,
usually all over the body. It can lead to "locking" of the jaw so the victim cannot
open his mouth or swallow. Tetanus leads to death in about 1 in 10 cases.
Several vaccines are used to prevent tetanus among children, adolescents, and adults
including DTaP, Tdap, DT, and Td(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Etiology: The bacteria(Clostridium tetani) live in soil and grow in oxygen free
----------- environment. The bacteria enter the body from the injured skin, such as 

-----------car accidents and skin incision site.

Vaccine:  Tetanus toxoid,
------------- 0.5ml, subcutatenously or intramuscularly.

------------- 2 times(3~8 weeks interval)

In childhood, Tetanus vaccine are administered 4 times as DTaP and again at 
11 year old as DT vaccine.  However, after 10 years the antibody titer against
Tetanus is declined.  This is the reason why doctors administer Tetanus vaccine
in the case of deep skin injuries.

11 May, 2010

Tunis, Tunisia(2)

Time stayed : November 21~24, 1987
Place : Tunis(capital), Tunisia
Major languages: Arabic (official); French
Monetary unit: Tunisian dinar

1) from Hotel (November 23, 1987)
2) the center of Tunis:

3) Sidi Bou Said is a town, which is located only 20 km from Tunis.
---------- The walls of houses is white and the window is Tunisian blue

Cartag, Tunisia

Time stayed : November 21~24, 1987
Place : Tunis(capital), Tunisia
Major languages: Arabic (official); French
Monetary unit: Tunisian dinar

The total numbers of Japanese in Tunis: 70(10 children).

Cartage: Carthage is located on the eastern side of Lake Tunis across 
------------from the centre of Tunis.


01 May, 2010

Rabat to Casablanca

The road from Rabat to Casablanca:  good highway.

Rabat, Morocco

Time:November 18〜19
Place:Rabat, Morocco
Language: Arabic (official), Berber, French, Spanish
Monetary unit: Dirham

The Japanese in Rabat: 61 (+8 child). 
2 child was born in Dr. Benjelloun Hassan, Prof. Agrègè de Gynècologie-Obstètrique, 
du C.H.U. de Rabat 11, Rue de Meknès-Rabat. 
The lunch was served in Ambassador's residence.

Mausoleum of Mohammed V:



Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease

April 30th. 3-year-old boy came to my clinic.
--------- Hand-Foot- Mouth disease is small epidemic in a kindergarten.

Usually this disease is epidemic in Summer.  Recent weather in Ube city, 
is unpredictable; one day---- summer, next day---- autumn----- 
hot summer ------ .

1) Hand: small vesicles with no itching and no pain.

2) Foot:

3) Mouth:  sores(+) ------ cause pains---- sorry no photos.