21 May, 2011

Vaccine: immunization sites

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--------------------Keiji Hagiwara, MD
--------------------Kami-Ube Pediatric Clinic, Ube 755-0097, Japan.

20 May, 2011

Streptococcal infection: skin rash

6-year-old female came to Clinic with skin itching and fever.
Throat and tonsil were reddish, and rapid test for group A, β hemolytic streptococci was
positive ------ early stage of Scarlet fever. Oral antibiotics rapidly dissolved the symptoms.

6-year-old: tiny red skin rash with itching.
6-year-old: tiny red eruption with itching.

Any Questions:
Keiji Hagiwara, MD
Kami-Ube Pediatric Clinic,
Ube 755-0097, Japan