28 June, 2008

Hand-Foot-Mouth disease

1) Oral vesicles of Hand-Foot-Mouth disease

2) Electron-Microscopy of Enterovirus.
------- Dr. Linda Stannard, Department of Medical Microbiology,
University of Cape Towan.

3) small vesicles in hand
4) Knee region
5) small vesicles in hip

Hand-Foot-Mouth disease

❑ Symptoms: small vesicles(no itching) appeared in oral,
hand, foot, knee and hip
❑ Etiology: Coxsackie viruses , enteroviruses
❑ Epidemiology: epidemic in summer among children
❑ Age: infant, toddlers, primary school child
❑ Incubation period: 3-6 days
❑ Route of transmission: oral-fecal,
❑ Natural course: resolved in 1 week

Cautions: Hand-Foot-Mouth disease is benign disease,
but in the cases due to Enterovirus 71, Central
nerves system infection such as meningo-encephalitis
and Polio-like illness occur in child.

see also → http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hand,_foot_and_mouth_disease

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07 June, 2008

Cleft lip and palate

                           (Left: before operation,  Right: After operation)

The technique to repair the cleft lip & palate is progressed rapidly.
Thanks to Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.

The repair need several operations;  first operation is done during
infancy to correct the cleft lips.  Second operation is, at least, done 
before 3-year-old to correct the hard palate.  because if the correction
of cleft palate is delayed, the patient will be suffering some difficulty 
of speaking.  

For more details, Please ask the Plastic surgeon or Reconstructive 

Ref) Fishaer DM. Unilateral cleft lip repair: an anatomical subunit 
        approximation technique.  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery  
        116:61, 2005.

Any questions:  write to Keiji Hagiwara, MD


Amaryllis in the front of my clinic

Two bulbs of Amaryllis were purchased in Keukenhof garden
of Holland in 1987, when I studied at Universite Catholique de
Louvain in Brussels. Its bulbs produce childs, grandchilds and
so on ------

Opening hours of Clinic

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06 June, 2008

Inside of Clinic

Photo 1) outside
Photo 2.) Reception area.
Photo 3) Waiting room.

Photo 4.) Consultation room.
Photo. 5) Peace !
Photo. 6) Me !

Photo. 7) Inside.

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