04 December, 2009

2009 N1H1 influenza vaccination for children under way

2009 N1H1 influenza vaccine

I have been administering the Swine flu vaccine for child with following groups;

The order of priority;

------ i) The child with underlying disease (Bronchial asthma et ct.)

------ ii) 1~ 5 year old with "normal child".
------ iii) elementary school pupils, grade I ~ III ,
------ iv) mother or care taker who have infants less than 1 year old( Dec. 4th ~~ )
------ v) elementary school pupils, grade IV~ VI, ( Dec. 4th ~~ )

The distribution of Swine flu vaccine to Hospitals and Clinics is too slow in Japan.

※ The charge of vaccine(National-wide rates): first shot (3,600 yen)

-----------------------------------------------------------second shot (2,550 yen)


Age ----------------------------The dosage of vaccine
1~ 5 -year- old---------------0.2ml x 2 times (apart 1~4 weeks)
6~12 -year-old---------------0.3ml x 2 times (apart 1~4 weeks)
13 year old > ----------------0.5ml x 2 times (apart 1~4 weeks)

If you wish to be vaccination for your child with above mentioned category,

please call to reservation (Tel : 0836-29-1155).

Thank you,

Keiji Hagiwara, MD

Kami-Ube Pediatric Clinic,

1-20-2 Tokiwadai, Ube 755-0097
Tel: 0836-29-1155
Any questions: write to E-mail: keijihagiwara@gmail.com

Show your child how to wash his hands. Visit www.flu.gov for more information.