14 May, 2008

Dr. Masujirou Omura(1824-1869)

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Photo 1) Birth place of Dr. Masujirou Omura(1824-1869),
Yamaguchi, Japan.

Photo 2) illustration
Photo 3) Dutch-Japanese dictionary, used by Dr. Omura
in Pre-Meiji period
Photo 4) A textbook, used in Military Academy,
which was edited by Dr. Omura

Photo 5) The sea of shuonada, Setouchi inland sea
in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Aio town, Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan. The birth place
of Dr. Masujirou Onura, the founder of Japanese Imperial
Army. He was born as a first child of a village-doctor.

After he studied in Medicine and Dutch language at
"Dr. Ogata Kouan's Tekijyuku" in Osaka. He succeeded
father's clinic in Shuzenji village for 3 years. But few patients
came to his clinic, because he had not friendly smile, and
spoke few explanation of disease. At his home town,
there were no persons to image his later epoch-making
see → http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ōmura_Masujirō

In September 4th 1868, he was severe injured by terrorist
attack in Kyoto. He transferred to Osaka Hospital.
The Dutch doctor Bouduin operated the amputation of
his right leg for preventing the gas gangrene, without
success. In November 5th, he died aged 46.

"Oine", the daughter of Dr. Von Siebold and " Otaka",  
Oine's daughter, cared for him ------- this episode tell
us his whole life ; he studied the western Science and
Technology using the Dutch's textbooks. Although He
never went to abroad. he mastered the spirit of western

13 May, 2008


Introduce myself ; A 60-year-old Pediatrician. Since April 1997,
I have doing private Clinic for children, just 100m from Ube 
Senior High school, Ube Japan.

Recently, I met a high school classmate, 42 yrs after graduation ! 
----------  said, " you look like the 70' year old." I have shocked.

                 1948:  born in Tenri city, Nara, Japan.    
                 1966:  graduated Tenri Senior High School.
                 1975:  graduated Yamagichi University School of Medicine.             
                 1976-78:  Yamaguchi Central Hospital, Hofu             
                 1985-87:  Universite Catholique de Louvain, Bruxelles, Belgique.            
                 1979-97:  Department of Pediatrics, Yamaguchi University  School 
                                  of Medicine                         
                 1997- present: Kami-Ube Pediatric Clinic   

                 married to Sachie Nishijima and 3 sons.

I remembered Bike traveling around the Kyushu region 
with two friends as a university student.  Again, one of 
my future plans is doing bicycle travel in Europe.

For instance ; Hamburg→ Amsterdam→ Frankfurt 
→Paris → Loire river → Marseille → Cannes → Pisa
→ Rome → Athene → Istanbul

Keiji Hagiwara, M.D.

Kami-Ube Pediatric Clinic,
1-20-2 Tokiwadai , Ube 755-0097, Japan
Tel: 81(Japan)-836-29-1155
Fax: 81-836-29-1156
E-mail: (1) keijihagiwara@gmail.com
            (2) keiji-hagiwara@umin.ac.jp
In 15th January 1948, I was born in Tanbaichi, Tenri city, about 25km 
the south of Nara.

My father and eldest uncle had been opening a retail shop of fishes and
Japanese cuisine. The shop name was "Uoiwa". I am 3rd generation
of "Uoiwa". But my father and uncle(the oldest brother of my father)
were very anxious about me, and thought that this son was not
suitable for family business.

My grandparents brought up 5 sons and 4 daughters. The eldest son
inherited fish store, and second,third son had one's fish shop each.
The fifth son was a medic and died in battle, due to gun shot of head
at Xuzhou Jiangsu, mainland China in 1941.

My father was 4th son and got military duties as a soldier of the
communication corps in Mainland China for 10 years. After World
War second, father came back without injuries and married to my 
mother. My mother was born in Nikaidou, neighborhood of Tanbaichi, 
as 3rd daughter, where her parent owned the cloth retail-shop. 

One day, In my early childhood, my mother was said in this way by
a Buddhist priest----- As for your first son, in the future, he will leave
this place and destined to go to the place where your hand does not
reach ------- . The Monk prediction was right.

During elementary school days, the hope of my future, I wanted to
work in the Japan meteorological Agency,  electrical engineering,
or Japan Coast Guard, but not in Clerical areas, Civil servants, 
Business or Trade.

When I graduated from elementary school, according to the
suggestion of uncle ( the oldest brother of my father) who was
Tenrikyo believer, I entered Tenri junior high school and Tenri
senior High school, which is associated with Tenrikyo, a New
Religion which was founded by a woman, Miki Nakayama in Meiji.

During 6 years, I lived in some specific world, religious environment
of Tenrikyo, which gave me a deep impact. The classmates of Tenri
high school came from various parts of Japan and sons or daughters
of Tenrikyo followers.

Before the university entrance examination, my friend said that I go
to Electronics and what you? He was excellent in Mathematics and
Physics. I could not follow him. Although I was good achievement
in Chemistry and Biology, but not good in Mathematics, Physics or
Athletic ability.  I abandon to become an engineer, researcher of 
Meteorological agency or Japan Coast Guard

       Curriculum Vitae   
Name             :     Keiji HAGIWARA                                         
Sex                 :     Male 
Date of Birth  :     15th January, 1948. 
Place of Birth :    Tanbaichi 261-1, Tenri city  632,  Japan 
Marital State   :    Married in 1978 with Sachie NISHIJIMA                                                                                               
                                Three sons: Fumito, Tasuku,  Ryo 
Present Address:   1-20-2  Tokiwadai, Ube 755-0097, Japan                                                                                                  
                                 Tel:  81-836-29-1155                                                                                                 
                                  Fax: 81-836-29-1156   

Education and Experiences:       
March 1975.      Graduated from Yamaguchi University School of                             
June    1975.      Medical License of Japan (License No. 226751)       
April 1975-76.  Internship in Yamaguchi University Hospital      
June  1976-79.  Pediatrician in Pediatric Division of Yamaguchi                         
                            Central Hospital       
February 1979.  Senior house staff and associate at Department of                         
                             Pediatrics, Yamaguchi University School of Medicine       
May 1985.         Received  Ph.D.(Doctor of Medical Science) from                          
                             Yamaguchi University        
September 1985--August 1987                                                                              
                           Chercheur Libre. Unité de Médicine Expérimentale,                  
                     Faculté de Médicine Université Catholique de Louvain,                  
                     Bruxelles B-1200, Belgium      
September 1987---1997                                                                   
                     Lecturer. Department of Pediatrics, Yamaguchi University                  
                    School of Medicine     
November, 1987. Temporary staff(Pediatric Health Consultant) of                 
                                 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.          
April 1997-- to Present, Kami-Ube Pediatric Clinic, Ube city.     

Membership of Associations:          
1. Japan Pediatric Society            
2. Japanese Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases          
3. Japanese Society for Pediatric Dermatology          
4. American Society for Microbiology 
5. 日本医師会 その他。   

1989; Konishi's Award with Drs. K.Kobayashi and H. Kondoh 
from the Medical Association of Yamaguchi University for studies of 
IgA1-binding lectin, Jacalin.   

1) 1981. a grant-In-Aid for Scientific Research for the Ministry       
      of Education, Science & Culture of Japan         
      (Study on protein synthesis of Molar Trophoblasts)   

2) 1984.  a grant-In-Aid from MORINAGA MILK Co. LTD.                    
     (Study on action of IgA protease from intestinal bacteria on secretory IgA)       

3) 1985.   a grant-In-Aid from Naito Memorial Medical Foundation with         
     Kobayashi K. (A separation procedure of parental secretory IgA by a lectin          
      and development of a method for elimination of IgA in human gamma-      

4) 1986. a grant-In-Aid from MORINAGA MILK Co. LTD.      
     with Kobayashi K. (Studies of anti-protease activity of pathogenic      
      bacterias present in human sIgA and serum IgA, IgG)    

5) 1987.  a grant-In-Aid from MORINAGA MILK Co. LTD.   
   (Biological roles of IgA protease-neutralizing antibody in mucosal defences)   

6) 1989.  a grant-In-Aid for Scientific Research for the Ministry of Education,     
      Science & Culture of Japan.     
      (Anti-bacterial antibody activity of IgA subclass in normal subjects)     

7) 1990.  a grant-In-Aid from Research Project for Adverse Effect of      
    Immunizations , the Ministry of Health & Welfare of Japan.   
     (A survey of acute neurological diseases in childhood in Yamaguchi      
8) 1991. a grant-In-Aid from Research Project for Adverse Effect of      
     Immunizations , the Ministry of Health & Welfare of Japan.    
      (A follow-up study of varicella's vaccinees in healthy children)        

9) 1992. a grant-In-Aid from Research Project for Adverse Effect of       
    Immunizations, the Ministry of Health &Welfare of Japan.      
     (A follow-up study of varicella's vaccinees in healthy children)      
     (A survey of familial transmission of whooping cough in Yamaguchi        
     (A survey of mother's knowledge of Measles and Measles Vaccine)   

10) 1997-8. a grant-In-Aid for Scientific Research for the Ministry of       
      Education, Science & Culture of Japan.       
      (Study on rapid diagnosis of sepsis in childhood by PCR method)       
 平成9年度−10年度 文部省科学研究(一般研究C,500万)       

Publications ------------------------------------------------------------------
Omit the Japanese publication.   (Journal) 
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