26 March, 2010

Cherry blossoms begin to blooming in Ube city

Cherry blossoms begin to blooming in Tokiwa park, Ube city.
Below are photos, taken in lunch time.

1) West parking area;

2)  Today, sunny weather, but cold windy.
3) Swans, ducks and carps are swimming in Tokiwa pond.

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19 March, 2010

The vaccine administration techniques in USA

There are 2 route of vaccine injection techniques in USA. One is intramuscular,
other is subcutaneous routes ➞ see Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
But in Japan, vaccines including Swine Flu are usually administered subcutaneously. 
A little bit different.  Subcutaneous is fewer pain than that of Intramuscular one.

(1) intramuscular administration:

(2) subcutaneous administration :

(3) position:

(4) sites of vaccines:


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field horsetail

This year, Spring has come early.
Field horsetail (common horsetail) grow in the field, near my clinic.

In my childhood, we ate the boiled ones with sugar and soy sauce.

14 March, 2010

Bastogne, Belgium

Hitler had the plan to re-occupy Antwerp through the route of Ardennes.
American forces stopped the Hitler plan ------- The battle of bulge
was occurred from December to January, 1944.  

         see ➞ YouTube video

The Siege of Bastogne ------ A party of American force was besieged
by German and relieved by General Patton's Third Army --------- .

        see ➞ YouTube video

Bastogne is located near the border of Luxembourg. A Memorial of the
battle between American force and German was built there.

The Bastogne Historical Center

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Carnaval de Binche, Belgium

A small town, Binche, 60km south of Brussels, Belgium.
Carnaval de Binche( Carnival of the Gilles of Binche ) is held in early spring. 

It's a strange festival.  Be careful, Fruit-Orange may attack you.

basket contain oranges. March 3, 1987.

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13 March, 2010

Drug preparations for children

There are several types of powder drugs such as granules, dry syrup for children
and liquid medicines are also available.

Basically, Drug dosages are calculated by body surface area or body weights of
each children.  

Roughly, drug dosages of child -----------

----------------12 year old : 2/3 of adult
-----------------7 year old : 1/2 of adult
-----------------3 year old : 1/3 of adult
-----------------1 year old : 1/4 of adult

Mini-Pharmacy in my clinic

This machine can do 21 packages at one time. 

Electronic Toploading Balance( Right, weight range =2g~500g,
readability=0.01g ).  A samples of divided ones(Left)

Liquid medicines for children.

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09 March, 2010

small bumps: Molluscum contagiosum

small bumps at inside of the elbow

Ages: 2 ~ 7 year old.

Etiology:   molluscum contagiosum virus. 
Transmission route:  direct skin contact with patients 
Sites of transmission: at the kindergarden or nursery.
Affected skin sites:  any parts of body
------------------------ first skin itching and grow bumps
-------------------------it diameters are 1~5 mm with skin itching.
Incubation period : may be 2 weeks or more.

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08 March, 2010

Diaper dermatitis ?



A baby come to my clinic with a complaint with " Diaper dermatitis ".
--------------- This case is not diaper dermatitis.   
--------------- A type of yeast  "Candida" infect the skin and overgrowth.

Candida albicans live in normal human skin, oral, intestinal tract and
usually no harmful effects in man. Sometimes, infants are suffered from 
thrush(oral candidiasis) and skin candidiasis.

Photo:   Phase-contrast microscopy. Candida albicans.

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03 March, 2010

Windmills of Kinderdijk, Netherlands

The windmills of Kinderdijk, where is situated near Rotterdam,  were built for 
drainage the polder.
The windmills of Kinderdijk, April 1987.
cruise boat
my wife and three sons. April 1987.

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