28 May, 2009

Thrush: Oral candida

                           White small patches are visible in tongue (see photo) and 
                            inside of cheek (not shown) in baby.

                                   Phase-contrast microscopic image of Candida albicans.
Thrush (oral candidiasis) is a condition which an overgrowth of a yeast in 
a baby's mouth. This yeast (candida albicans) normally lives in human skin. 
mouth, intestines. It thrives in moist, warm environments. 

Treatment:  1) 0.2%  
methylrosaniline chloride(gentian violet B.
                   2)    0.02% miconazole oral gel

any questions:  write to Keiji Hagiwara, MD

26 May, 2009

Submarine base at Kure city, Hiroshima

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    The miniature(1/10 scale) of the battle ship "YAMATO"

The used submarine is displaying at Kure museum
(Japan maritime self- defense force).

Kure city, Hiroshima was famous as Kure Naval Arsenal, one of the largest naval
base and shipyards in the imperial Japanese Navy. The battle ship YAMATO, the
biggest battle ship ever built, was constructed here.

During the World War II, the population of Kure city was more than 400,000
(Now 250,000) . In 1945, the facilities of navy base were heavily bombard by
US air forces and 70% of the city were destroyed.

In May 27th~28th,1905. the Imperial Japanese Navy completely defeated Russia's
Baltic Fleet in Sea of Japan Naval Battle (the battles of Tsushima) .   However, in 
WWII, the Navy succeeded the attack on US Navy base on Pearl harbor in December,
1941. and then six months later, defeated by US in the Battle of Midway in June,1942 .

After WWII, the navy was renamed as Maritime Self-Defense Force and have been
restricted its force. The minesweeper is the best in the World and had been active in
removing the naval mines, laid in Persian Gulf in 1991.

Below are the photos of the submarine base at Kure city, Hiroshima.

08 May, 2009

Kyushu University Hospital

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Kyushu University Hospital(total beds: 1,400. New building) in Fukuoka.
The medical school, nursing school and Pharmacology department
also locate in same area.
----- one of the big university campus in Japanese standard.

playing room for children in Pediatric center.

Any questions: write to Keiji Hagiwara, MD

Yamaguchi University Hospital

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Yamaguchi University Hospital (Total beds: 750).
By car, about 10 minutes from my clinic.

The Entrance of Yamaguchi University School of Medicine. It is
difficult to find.

Any question: write to Keiji Hagiwara, MD

03 May, 2009


The cabbage is growing in my house.

The cabbage is rich in Vitamin C and fibers. It is a common fork in 
Japan that the Fresh cabbage juice is good for stomach and cure the 

The cabbage leaf is used as the German " sauerkraut "--- a little bit 
sour for me.   Korean "Kimchi or kimchee" also use the leaf.

Thin slice of cabbage leaf  is routinely with the pork cutlet in Japan.

Purple orchids

紫ラン( purple orchids ? in English ) in my home.

02 May, 2009

Swine N1H1 influenza virus

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) publish
the Electron-microscopic images of Swine N1H1 influenza virus.

01 May, 2009


Flowers of Tsutsuji (azaleas, Rhododendron) are blooming