28 June, 2008

Hand-Foot-Mouth disease

1) Oral vesicles of Hand-Foot-Mouth disease

2) Electron-Microscopy of Enterovirus.
------- Dr. Linda Stannard, Department of Medical Microbiology,
University of Cape Towan.

3) small vesicles in hand
4) Knee region
5) small vesicles in hip

Hand-Foot-Mouth disease

❑ Symptoms: small vesicles(no itching) appeared in oral,
hand, foot, knee and hip
❑ Etiology: Coxsackie viruses , enteroviruses
❑ Epidemiology: epidemic in summer among children
❑ Age: infant, toddlers, primary school child
❑ Incubation period: 3-6 days
❑ Route of transmission: oral-fecal,
❑ Natural course: resolved in 1 week

Cautions: Hand-Foot-Mouth disease is benign disease,
but in the cases due to Enterovirus 71, Central
nerves system infection such as meningo-encephalitis
and Polio-like illness occur in child.

see also → http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hand,_foot_and_mouth_disease

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