15 July, 2008


Electron-microsgraph of Varicella-zoster virus

Photo:  red spots, bumps and blisters of  Chickenpox 

❑ Etiology: Varicella-Zoster virus
❑ Incubation periods:  2 weeks ( 7 days--21 days)
❑ Skin:     The total numbers of blisters is around 200-300 ,
          however, individual variation is great among persons.
          Usually by day 5 , no new ones will appear.  
          By day 7, most of the blisters will be crusted over.
          If the numbers of blister is 10 or less, it is difficult to
          diagnose as chickenpox !
❑ Rare complication: meningo-encephalitis, hepatitis, peumonia
❑ Therapy:   1) Blisters :  Zinc oxide ointment
                   2) Oral Anti-virus drug such as  Acyclovir is effective.
❑ Prevention:  varicella-zoster vaccine
             → http://keiji-hagiwara.blogspot.com/2008/10/chicken-pox-vaccine.html

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