22 July, 2008

Cold Sores ( Herpes simplex infection )

Photo: cold sores (multiple small vesicles of the lips)

Herpes Simplex Virus(type-1) infected rabbit kidney cells.
------  Dr. Howell Rogers, Indiana University School of Medicine,
            Evansville Center, Evansville, Indiana 47712, USA.

 Normal rabbit kidney cells

---------------   Cold sores    ------------                                

❑ Etiology:  Herpes simplex virus type 1 (or type 2)
❑ Symptoms: small vesicles/blisters appear the lip and slowly multiply.
                      sometimes, accompanied by swollen lips, swollen neck 
                      gland and low grade fever.
❑ Age:  adolescent and adult
❑ Treatment:  ointment containing acyclovir and oral acyclovir.

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