23 October, 2009

RS virus infection(1 year & 6 month old; pneumonia)

Case presentation: 1 year and 6-month-old boy.

He had been taken thyroid hormone for congenital hypothyroidism.
Dec.6th. start fever and cough.
|||||||||||| 8th. came to my Clinic. prescribed Erythromicin and cough-syrup.
||||||||||||10th. high fever and developed severe coughing with stridor.
|||||||||||| ------- Moist & dry rales audible in both lower lungs.
|||||||||||| ------- WBC 5,700/micro-L, CRP(++)

------- Rapid test for RS-virus(+).

Chest X-ray showed bilateral infiltrations(+).

||||||||||| ------------- referred to University Hospital.

common cold, bronchiolitis or pneumonia from late autumn~ winter~spring in infant.
        ➔ Lean about RS virus infection : http://www.cdc.gov/rsv/

For preventing the disease, monoclonal antibody to RS virus(Synagis)
should be given every months during autumn to spring, to high-risk babies
such as the low-birth-weight infants or with congenital heart disease or
respiratory problems.

The costs of Synagis is high. At present, public Health insurance cover the
cost in infants at risk, but not "normal infants" in Japan.

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