02 October, 2009

虎丘塔,蘇州(Leaning Tower of Pisa in china)

Leaning Tower of Pisa in china.

The Huqiu Tower, or Yunyan Pagoda and Tiger Hill Pagoda,
(Chinese: 云岩寺塔;pinyin: Yún yán sì tǎ or Chinese: 虎丘塔;
pinyin: Hŭ qiū tǎ) is a Chinese pagoda situated at Changmen in
Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

The tower was built in the later period of the Five Dynasties
(907-960 AD). The tower rises to a height of 47 m (154 ft).

It is a seven-story octagonal building built with blue bricks.
In more than a thousand years the tower has gradually slanted.

The tower leans because the foundation is originally half rock
and the other half is on soil. In 1957, efforts were made to stabilize
the tower and prevent further leaning. Concrete was also pumped
into the soil forming a stronger foundation.

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