18 October, 2009

Mycoplasam infection (Walking pneumonia)

    Pneumonia due to Mycoplasma pneumoniae.11-year-old female, days 5.

Case presentation: 11-year-old female

Feb. 15th.2008. came to my clinic. She started fever in 11th and went to
a clinic. but fever continued & worsen coughing.
|||||||| Dry rales were audible in left lung.
|||||||| Rapid test for influenza A&B:(-), Rapid test for adenovirues:(-)
|||||||| WBC 5,300. (0.9% Baso, 77.7 % Neut, 19.5% Lym, 1.9% mon. )
|||||||| CRP 1.43mg/dl. ESR 36mm/hr. GOT 43iu/L, GPT 16iu/L. LDH 533iu/L,
|||||||| gamma-GT 10iu/L.
|||||||| Mycoplasma antibody(particle agglutination) : x 1,280.
|||||||| Chest X-ray: homogeneous shadow in left middle area.

-------- refereed to University Hospital. She was treated by minocycline.
-------- Hospitalized from Feb.15th to 22th.

※ As it is called as " walking pneumonia", the severity of this disease is not so serious.
Don't think seriously. The majority of patients are treated in Outpatient clinic, not
regularly refer to Hospital.

i) Causative microbe: Mycoplasma pneumoniae.
ii) Transmission: person to person. close contact with infected person.
---- no animal reservers.
ii) Frequently: autumn~ winter~ spring.
----- circular pattern(epidemic occured in Olympic year) was disappeared in Japan.
iii) most affected ages: 5~7~10-year-old.

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