02 November, 2008

Ube festival. 2th November, 2008 (2)

Photo 1)  various "Yatai"(mobile shops) along side street. 
 Photo 2) shop for toddlers.

 Photo 3) " Imagawayaki"
                  The cloth is made from the mixture of water, 
                  wheat flour and eggs with no yeast.  
                  white bean jam put into it.
Photo 4)  "Imagawayaki"
                   blown bean jam.

Photo 5)  "Takoyaki".  
               Using one or 2 stick, turn to down to up for 
               making Ball.  The cloth are make from the 
               mixture of wheat flour and water. Balls contain 
               a pierce of octopus and cabbage, et ct.