08 November, 2008

The publication of Dr. Yamanaka's paper: one year after

Photo: Beating Cardiomyocyte derived from human iPS cells.
           → Cell, vol.131, issure 5, 861-872, 30 November 2007.
In November 2007, Dr. Shinya Yamanaka ( Kyoto University, 

Japan ) published the breakthrough technique on human stem 
cell research in the journal " CELL".

He established the stem cells from adult human fibroblast !
You can see the Movie clip in the section of supplemental
data. Click the “ Movie S1. “.

There are several points to overcome;
i) another method is necessary to insert the genes, since
---retrovirus vector frequently induce tumor.
ii) To find the method for differentiating into normal specific
---cells or organ (neuron, hepatocyte, hematopoietic cell,
---muscle cell ------- ) without tumorigenesis.

I don't know the recent advances on this topic.

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