16 November, 2008

Egg allergy and influenza vaccine

A case of Egg allergy
Flu or Measles vaccines can not be vaccinated in the child
who have egg allergy. To make influenza vaccine, eggs are
used to propagation of influenza viruses and it is quite
difficult to remove the residue of egg proteins.

Don't worry ! Egg allergy is resolved in accordance with age.
Here, I show a case.

November 2000.
one-year-old boy with egg allergy came to my clinic.
He experienced the urticaria after eating egg.
IgE antibody titers to egg white(+2/6), egg yellow(0/6)
➞ Intradermal injection test:
❏ influenza vaccine solution(1/10 diluted with saline)
----- 0.1ml 15x17 mm reddishness & wheal.
❏ saline ---- 0.1ml 5x5 mm.
→ stop the injection of influenza vaccine.
January 2001. (2-year-old).
➞ Intradermal injection test;
❑ Measles vaccine(1/10 dilution) 0.1ml ---- 2x2 mm
❑ Control(saline) 0.1ml ---- 2x2 mm
→Injection of Measles vaccine resulted no problems.

August 2004. (4-year-old).
IgE antibody titers to Egg white(0/6). Mites(+6/6)
House dusts(+6/6).
November 5th, 2004. (5-year-old).
Influenza vaccine was administered, and no side effects.
November 19th. second shop of Flu vaccine. no problems.

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