26 September, 2008

Streptococcal throat in child

Photo. 1) reddishness of the palate, petechial rash(not well seen) and
tonsil (not seen) in streptococcal infection.
Photo 2) Skin rash. Unclear reddish eruption with itching appear
in trunk, arm and leg. If not treated, spread all over the
body and more red, which been called as " Scarlet fever".

Photo 3) Rapid test for group A, β streptococci
Photo 4) Rapid test for group A, β streptococci.
Photo. 5) tiny colonies of streptococcus pyogenes on blood agar plate.

Photo. 6) A hallow around colonies are seen, indicating β hemolysis.
(Mr. Mizuno, Department of Clinical Laboratory, Yamaguchi
University School of Medicine)


❑Etiology: Streptococcus pyogenes
( group A, β hemolytic streptococci)
❑Route of transmission: close contact with child
or asymptomatic carriers.
❑Incubation period: 2-5 days
❑Symptoms: 1) high fever and sore throat without cough and
nasal discharge.
2) skin rash: 1/20-50 cases developed red skin
rash( if severe, called as "scarlet fever")
❑Diagnosis: Rapid strep test, take just 15 minutes, about 98%
accurate, which means that it will miss about 2%
of strep throat.
1) acute glomeruronephritis( around 3-6 weeks later)
rare in developed countries.
2) rheumatic fever( rare in developed countries)
very rare
❏Therapy: 1) oral antibiotics( penicillin still effective) for 10 days.
2) throat gargle

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