08 September, 2008

Dr. Margaret Jennings

                                 Photo: Dr. Margaret Jennings

She look like a woman with strong will, look like a woman 
who appear on Ken Follett's Nobel "The eye of the Needle
------  when a German spy trying to communicate by wireless, 
She insert her hand to the socket for short-circuit the electricity 
for blocking ------
Dr. Jennings worked with Professor Florey for studying the 
biological properties of penicillin. After Florey wife(Ether)
died, Jennings married Florey in June 1967.   

But their happiness was to be sadly brief.   Florey died suddenly 
from a heart attack on 21 February 1968. He was 69 years of age.   
The funeral was in the small parish church almost exactly opposite 
his house at Marston, England.

 Ref:  Gwyn Macfarlane: Howard Florey; The making of a great scientist.
 Oxford University Press, 1980.