21 April, 2010


Mumps: The swelling start from the site, under the Earlobe,
where parotid gland is there. Submandlbuiar glands are also
swelling.  At 2~3 year old, it is sometimes difficult to notice.
Mumps (Parotitis due to Mumps virus):
1) incubation period: 2~3 weeks
2) causative agent: Mumps virus
4) ages: 2~3 year and older.
5) complication:
------ i) After puberty, Orchitis occur, resulting the decrease of testicular Sperm's numbers.
------ ii) Aseptic meningitis: it's frequency may be 1/30~~1/300)
------ iii) Deafness: 1/10,000~20,000.

---- if your child suffered 2 or more times of Parotitis---- it is " recurrent parotitis".
----- Parotitis due to Mumps virus is suffered only one time.

6) prevention:  Mumps vaccine( MMR vaccine contain this vaccine)