16 April, 2010

Accra, Ghana

Stay period          : November 8~11, 1987.
Place                    : Accra, Capital, Republic of Ghana
Electricity            : 220V, 50c / s , often power outages.
Water supply       : water supply was frequently disrupted .
City Phone           : almost no use.

Major languages     : English, African languages including Akan, Ewe
Major religions       : Christianity, indigenous beliefs, Islam
Monetary unit         : Cedi
Main exports           : Gold, cocoa, timber, tuna, bauxite, aluminium, manganese ore, diamonds

On November 8, took off Cairo at about noon, via Kano and Lagos, we arrived 
8:00 pm in Accra.  So hot, so humid.

Accra (1987): population 860,000.
---------------- 3,000 ~4,000 Lebanese, 1,500 Indians, 1,000 British, 650 Korean, 450 Americans. 
-----------------154 Japanese (80 Overseas Youth Cooperation Volunteers, 6 embassy staffs,
------------------ 4 Noguchi Institute.  Business persons from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone 
------------------ Public Corporation, Nichimen, Marubeni, Itochu, Sumitomo Electric, Sanyo
------------------ Electric Trading, Wakatsuki Fisheries and business travelers-----.) 

November 11: JOVC (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer) in Accra office.
----------------Health consultations were conducted; electrocardiogram and urinalysis
---------------- were also done in some persons.
JOVC (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer) in Accra office.