09 January, 2010

The injection technique of Swine influenza vaccine

In Japan, Swine flu vaccine is made by

and other companies.

For more infomation, Please ask the companies.

The injection technique of vaccine;

1) Inject into subcutaneously, not intra-muscularly in Japan.
     Other vaccines(DaPT, Measles & Rubella, Varicella, Mumps,
      Japanese encephalitis ) are also administered via the same route .
2) The site of vaccine injection is upper arm(skin just above 

    Triceps brachii muscle, avoid the radial nerve), not thigh or 
------------------------   from Wikipedia(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triceps_brachii_muscle)

3) Use the 27 gauge needle(for the tubelculin test) .
4) Before injection, vaccine liquid( 4 ℃) is warmed up to room temperature.
     Cold liquid will triger the pain reaction.
5) Inject slowly. Rapid injection also induces pain.
subcutaneous injection of Swine Flu vaccine(1)
subcutaneous injection of Swine Flu vaccine(2)
subcutaneous injection of Swine Flu vaccine(3)

In USA, swine(2009 N1H1) influenza vaccine is administered via intra-
muscular route, or by intra-nasal spray(may be the same in Europe).

 intramuscular Flu vaccination in the left shoulder muscle
      ➞ http://www.cdc.gov/  )

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