01 January, 2010

First shrine visit of the New Year 2010

|||||||||||||||||||||A happy New Year 2010 !

Today, I went to the first shrine visit by car. But, Traffic congestion due to
many people visit the shrine " Kotozaki Hachimanguo(琴崎八幡宮)" in
Ube city. I gave up, return to my home and then by walking.

During the first~third January, we Japanese visit to Shrine for worship.
People pray to God for their wishes and good future. I am not so religious,
but, ------ I went to ------ . " God helps those who help themselves ".

P.S; The shrine said that from January 1 to 3, 186,000 people(Pop. of
        Ube city: 178,000) visited the shrine.

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