17 January, 2010

An epidemic of Swine Flu in children at Ube-Onoda area

In Ube city, an epidemic of swine flu was started among elementary school pupils
(aged 10~12 year old), and then spread to older or younger ages. The peak was 48 week((November.23~29,2009).

1) Influenza case is defined as positive in Flu symptoms & rapid influenza antigen test.  
----all reported cases, except for very few cases of B(+),  is A(+)positive and were not 
---- confirmed by PCR.
2) Cases are reported from pediatricians of Clinics and Hospitals in Ube-Onoda area,
----(Total pop.= 210,000. less than15 year old=29,000) Yamaguchi, Japan.

3) week 40 (Sep.28~Oct.4, 2009)
               week 41 (Oct.5 ~ Oct.11)
               week 42 (0ct.12~Oct. 18)
               week 43 (Oct.19~Oct.25)
               week 44(Oct.26~Nov.1 )
               week 45(Nov.2~Nov.8)
               week 46(Nov.9~Nov.15)
               week 47(Nov.16~Nov.22)
               week 48(Nov.23~Nov.29)
               week 49(Nov.30~Dec.6)
               week 50(Dec.7~ Dec.13)
               week 51(Dec.14~Dec.20)
               week 52(Dec.21~Dec.27, 2009)
               week 53(Dec.28~Jan.3, 2010)

Any questions:   write to 
---------------------Keiji Hagiwara, MD
---------------------Kami-Ube Pediatric Clinic
---------------------Ube 755-0097, Japan

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