22 February, 2011

Relenza: a inhalation drug for Flu

Zanamivir ( Relenza, GlaxoSmithKlineis a oral inhalation drugs, used in the treatment 
and prophylaxis of influenza caused by influenza A virus and influenza B virus. 

The recommended dose of RELENZA in adults and pediatric patients
aged 7 years and older is 10 mg twice daily (approximately 12 hours apart) for 5 days.
• Two doses should be taken on the first day of treatment
    whenever possible provided there is at least 2 hours between doses.
• On subsequent days, doses should be about 12 hours apart
    (e.g., morning and evening) at approximately the same time each day.

12-year-old boy, influenza A infection
10-year-old girl, influenza B infection

Any questions;   Keiji Hagiwara, 
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