24 February, 2011

Rapid diagnostic test for influenza

Rapid tests for influenza virus infection: 
upper: influenza A
lower: influenza B
In Japan, rapid tests for influenza virus infection are routinely used by Physicians.
10 more products are marketing.

The sensitivities, when compared with viral culture, or reverse transcription 

polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)are approximately 85~98 %. 
The specificities are approximately 90~99%.
Both A and B are week positive: false results.

There are several sites to obtain the samples:
---------- 1) Nasopharyngeal swab: the best
---------- 2) Throat swab
---------- 3) Nasal swab
------------ New England Journal of Medicine -------

upper: classical cotton swab
middle: thin cotton swab 
lower: Tip flocked with Nylon fiber

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