11 June, 2010

Measles: An epidemic of Measles in Yamaguchi, 1991.

1) An epidemic of Measles in Yamaguchi Prefecture:
---In the past, an epidemic of Measles was noted in 1991(the peak was May) in

---Yamaguchi Prefecture (Population=1,560,000).

--------------------------- Reported numbers of Measles in Yamaguchi from 1991~1993.
---------Since then, no epidemics were occurred, except for small outbreaks, 
--------- in Yamaguchi prefecture.

2) The complication of Measles:
----Here, an example of the Measles's cases, who were hospitalized at Yamaguchi
--- University Hospital in 1991, with;
--------------- i) Pneumonia: 17 cases ( one case needed artificial ventilation)
-------------- ii) Encephalomyelitis: 5 cases
------------- iii) Croup: one case
------------- iv) Febrile convulsion: one case