03 November, 2009

Tamiflu and a chinese herb(八角)

Chinese star anise fruits (Chinese: 八角, pinyin: bājiǎo ) is the traditional herb
of the Chinese cooking.

It is the starting material of anti-influenza virus drug Oseltamivir (trade name=

The shikimic acid is extracted from the seeds of star anise in a ten-stage process.
Then, Tamiflu is chemically synthesized(at least 14 steps are necessary) from it.

Thirteen grams of star anise make 1.3 grams of shikimic acid, which can be
made into 10 capsules(oseltamivir 75 mg/ capsule, for treatment of one Pearson).

Star anise is grown in four provinces in China and harvested between March
and May. It is also produced in Lang Son province, Vietnam.

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