21 November, 2009

Roseola(= Exanthema subitum)

Roseola(= Exanthema subitum)

【Case 1. One-year-old baby】
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||The body temperature in this case is not so high.

||||||||||||||||Usually, the rash of Roseola is unclear one. This case is relatively
||||||||||||||||clear cut one, look like the initial stage of " Measles" rash.
||||||||||||||||The low resolution of Blog's Photography is not suitable to show
||||||||||||||||skin eruption.

【Case 2.  9-month-old boy】
||||||||||||||||||||||A fever chart: good record !
||||||||||||||||||||||His mother described that skin eruption appear from
||||||||||||||||||||||abdomen→ back|→ face→ hand & foot.

Roseola(= Exanthema subitum)
◎Ages: 6-month-old ~ 1.5-year-old
◎Etiology: human herpes virus 6, and 7(rare) and less frequently 
Electron-microscopy of HHV-6(x 25,000), Dr. Kazuto Yamaguchi,
Department of Animal Experiment, Yamaguchi University School of Medicine.

◎Ethinic: Roseola is very common in Japanese infant, 2/3 infants suffer
|||||||||||||from this condition. Asian infants (Chinese, Korean ) may suffer
|||||||||||||similar frequency.
◎Clinical course:
|||||||||||||||||1) High fever(39~40℃) last for 3~5 days. but infant do not
||||||||||||||||||||seem very sick.
|||||||||||||||||2) no cough, no runny nose( frequently, loose or watery stool) .
|||||||||||||||||3) a fever subside, then a red rash appear in body.
||||||||||||||||||||The type of rash is variable; Rubella like, Measles like, or
||||||||||||||||||||diffuse pink rash. Rash disappear in several days.
➞    The skin eruption of Roseola is unclear one and many different types.
|||||||||||Sometimes mother will not notice ----- so carefully observe the baby
|||||||||||skin. This is one reason why Roseola's frequency is different among ethnic
|||||||||||groups or nations.

|||||||||||||||1) febrile convulsion
|||||||||||||||2) encephalitis (rare)

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