24 September, 2009

Shanghai Maglev Train

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A Trip to Shanghai and 苏州Suzhou

September 20th to 23th, I and my wife joined the group travel to Shanghai and
Suzhou in China. We gave up the personal travel since we can not speak Chinese.
Chartered direct flight from Ube to Shanghai. Among 4 days, sunny day was only
one day, other 3 days were cloudy and rainy. I will blog its trip.

End station of Maglev Train: Longyang Road(龍陽路), the suburb of Shanghai.
the route extension to the center of Shanghai is under construction.
The Shanghai Magrev (Magnetic levitation) Train(上海磁浮示范运营线 in Chinese)
opened January 2001. Pudong international airport to the suburbs of Shanghai
(Longyang road, 龍陽路) is around 30km. It take 8 minutes with Maximum speed 
up to 430km/hr. 
The tickets cost: single one way =50 元。

The linear lines of Magrev train.

From train window.

from train window

from train window.

------- Keiji Hagiwara, keijihagiwara@gmail.com