24 February, 2010

White color stool in rotavirus infection

1) Watery stool of an infant with Roravirus's gastroenteritis(Vomiting & diarrhea) .
------- Stool colour is white-yellow, which is specific for Roravirus infection,
-------- since infection induce the reduction of bile excretion.

2) red colored ones are fragments of undigested carrot
3) Rapid test for rotavirus and adenovirus: red line show
--- the detection of rotavirus.

Rotavirus infection
❑Symptoms:------ fever and frequent vomiting, follow watery diarrhea.
❑Rotaviruses:----- 5 antigenic groups(A,B,C,D, E). Group A(6 serotypes)
---------------------- are major causes infantile vomiting & diarrhea.

Electron micrograph of Rotavirus. Bar indicate 100nm.
Dr. Maria-Lucia Rácz, Institute of Biomedical Sciences
University of São Paulo. Visual collection of American 

❑Transmission: ------fecal-oral route
❑incubation periods: 1-3 days
❑Treatment:---------- Oral rehydration solution or parenteral fluids
--------------------------are given to correct dehydration.

❑Prevention: ----------live attenuated vaccine(given by mouth).
--------------------------not available in Japan.

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