28 April, 2009

Atopic dermatitis(2 year old)

Atopic dermatitis( 2-year-old )

Here a typical case of Atopic dermatitis.
2-year-old boy. Skin rash appear in face, neck, trunk, arm and leg.
Only show the photos of hand, thigh and foot.

------------------------ Red, irritated, raised rash at left thigh.

Lab. data):
|||||||| Serum IgE 356 iu/L.
|||||||| white blood cells 15,800/mm3. Eosinophil 9%.
|||||||| Allergen test for egg white (+4/6), cow milk( +4/6), ovomucoid(+3/6),
|||||||| ----------wheat(+2/6) , dogs(+3/6), cat( 0/6), mites(o/6), house dusts(0/6).

-------------------------- Left foot: He frequently have been scratched the skin
-------------------------- and worsen the dermatitis------ negative feedback.

-------------------------- 6 days after treatment. 

Any questions: write to Keiji Hagiwara, MD