29 August, 2008

Ube city

Photo: Many plants and factories of Ube industries Ltd are seen along Ube port.
Photo: fish ships in Ube harbor.
Photo: The bridge in Ube bay, not for public use, constructed
by Ube Industries Ltd, for transportation of the raw
cement materials .

Profile of Ube city:
Location : see google map,
                 south-west of Yamaguchi, west from Hiroshima.
Population: 176,000
Birth rate: 1,600/year
Numbers of Pediatric clinic: 13 clinic (including me).

                Previously known as a coal-mining town. Now the coals are 
                imported from Australia. and Ube is one of the largest storage 
                site of coal in Japan.

                UBE Industries Ltd and its group is major company, the total 
                employee is around 11,000.     
                It produce ; polyolefin, synthetic rubber, caprolactam, nylon 
                resins, fine chemical and Nitrogen fertilizer. clinker, 
                ready-mixed concrete, building materials and magnesium. 
                die casting machines, injection molding machines, 
                aluminum wheels et ct.

University: Yamaguchi University(National). the faculty of medicine and
                  University Hospital(740 beds) , Faculty of engineering.