14 May, 2008

Dr. Masujirou Omura(1824-1869)

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Photo 1) Birth place of Dr. Masujirou Omura(1824-1869),
Yamaguchi, Japan.

Photo 2) illustration
Photo 3) Dutch-Japanese dictionary, used by Dr. Omura
in Pre-Meiji period
Photo 4) A textbook, used in Military Academy,
which was edited by Dr. Omura

Photo 5) The sea of shuonada, Setouchi inland sea
in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Aio town, Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan. The birth place
of Dr. Masujirou Onura, the founder of Japanese Imperial
Army. He was born as a first child of a village-doctor.

After he studied in Medicine and Dutch language at
"Dr. Ogata Kouan's Tekijyuku" in Osaka. He succeeded
father's clinic in Shuzenji village for 3 years. But few patients
came to his clinic, because he had not friendly smile, and
spoke few explanation of disease. At his home town,
there were no persons to image his later epoch-making
see → http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ōmura_Masujirō

In September 4th 1868, he was severe injured by terrorist
attack in Kyoto. He transferred to Osaka Hospital.
The Dutch doctor Bouduin operated the amputation of
his right leg for preventing the gas gangrene, without
success. In November 5th, he died aged 46.

"Oine", the daughter of Dr. Von Siebold and " Otaka",  
Oine's daughter, cared for him ------- this episode tell
us his whole life ; he studied the western Science and
Technology using the Dutch's textbooks. Although He
never went to abroad. he mastered the spirit of western